Company Overview

Nordic Capital Corp. is a unique financial-based corporation that focuses on non-prime, asset-based lending and investments. Nordic Capital is the parent corporation to a family of businesses that specialize in a variety of industries. Established in 2004 by Kurt Jeppesen as a retirement style business, it has since grown and diversified under the direction of Kris Jeppesen since 2006. The Nordic Group of companies enjoys the ability to objectively look at investment opportunities and/or strategic partnerships in a way that has successfully launched many products and services throughout Canada and the rest of the world.

The vision of Nordic Capital is to maintain a conservative approach to unique business and lending opportunities that present themselves; we carefully assess the risk aspects and can advise as to modifications, short and long term financial lending solutions to achieve product growth. At Nordic, we always take the time to carefully review and assess the entire business before decisions are made.

Nordic Capital has branched out to a variety of specialized areas, such as commercial real estate, private lending and financing; outdoor illuminated and LED signage sales, service and leasing; retail automotive sales and leasing, as well as equipment leasing under the Nordic Sales and Leasing brand; Commercial offset and digital printing, and vinyl graphics under the Nordic Print Management brand.

For information, contact:
Kris Jeppesen - President and General Manager

Kurt Jeppesen - CEO

Anette Paul - CFO